Bathroom Wall Tiles As Part Of Interior Design


Bathroom Wall Tiles

Some bathrooms are considered personal recreation spaces. Design your bathroom in a simple and elegant way. If you are finding it hard to decide which among the bathroom wall tiles you will purchase, then keep on reading this article as it will guide you to uncover the best ever bathroom wall tiles for your bathroom design.

bathroom-tilesDo you need it?

Such tiles on the bathroom wall are ideal to provide protection from splashes and sprays that comes from the sink, bath, and showers. In addition to that, it creates the bathroom’s ambiance with the use of texture, color, and pattern. Always consider tile options based on your personality as it perfectly defines you.

What is your desired style?

There are many designs that you can add to your bathroom ideas. Among these are mural designs, textured designs, and mosaic designs. Mural designs are available in varying sizes and motifs and come in artistic displays such as animals, nature, flowers, gardens, landscapes, abstracts, and some epoch posters. On the other hand, textured designs create multiple textures transversely on the walls of your bathroom. Pebble tiles with stones and pebbles, faux hardwood porcelain tiles, and slate embossed and terra cotta tiles are alternative ways to craft a well-designed texture bathroom. Lastly, if you would prefer simple yet elaborative designs with intersecting geometric shapes of rectangles and squares, then you would love the mosaic designs.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles may come in varying designs but are generally small or large in size and monochromatic in color. The entire bathroom may be tiled from the floor to the ceiling. Most of the tiles are glossy, rectangular, and random in the pattern. Tiles must be placed with spaces tightly together.

Whichever design you would prefer, do not forget to be natural and be creative. A fantastic bathroom is a relaxing place in your home.

What are the kinds of tiles?

Below is a list of tile collections that you can choose from:

  • Glass tile – most popular recommendation for wall tileswhite-bathroom-tiles
  • Tile blends – made from vitreous glass that creates a modern design
  • Ceramic tile – ideal for residential and commercial bathrooms
  • Porcelain round tiles – just right for retro-style
  • Recycled glass tile – earth-friendly and sustainable
  • Glass pebble tile – the best choice for bathroom remodeling

How to install bathroom wall tiles?

It is not easy to install tiles on your bathroom wall. You must know the size of your wall and the size of the tiles you will purchase. In general, it is suggested to buy the tile with an additional 15% for wastages and cuts. Prepare the wall for tiling by ensuring that it is clean, dry, and free from any kind of dirt. Mark your wall with a starting point.

This is the middle point of the wall. Use margin trowel and start at the floor level and use upstrokes. Work your way up to the wall. Do not allow the tiles to slide together. Ensure that the tiles are fitted and spaced tightly together. Place grouts into the tiles in upward strokes carefully and allow them to dry before cleaning.