Which Curtains Are Best For My Windows?


Window Curtains

Whilst the selection of a particular type of curtain design may seem insignificant at first, it’s important to remember that the way your home looks has an impact on many aspects relating to your lifestyle, including your mood.lounge-curtains

They contribute to home decor due to the modernized way in which designers love to show off their flair and imagination, so taking time in picking the right style of curtains for different rooms in your house can be a big decision.

Living Room

This is the area that most people are going to visit when they come over for a meal or a chat and so it’s important to be extra vigilant if you wish to impress those fussy guests. A good idea is to go with ‘sheer’ curtains which are very thin and transparent, allowing light to flood in as well as giving the place an elaborate and prestigious appearance. It’s important that whatever curtain style you choose for this room, it comes off as appealing and inviting, so it’s best to avoid darker colors, sticking to something light and warm. Tie-backs are always a good option as they give the room a neater gloss, allowing you to take control.

This can be reserved for a more personal style, a reflection of your personality, and one that will be more in line with what you wish to see rather than what somebody else sees. The use of sheer curtains allows your room to receive a lot more light, but as the bedroom tends to be the most private area of the house, it’s more likely you’ll want to go for a darker blend, perhaps accompanied by linen sheets behind which strengthen the privacy, but also let in light during the day. The use of “box-pleated” curtains is a popular choice within bedrooms as well; consisting of a pleated design above the hanging material, they help to add a luxurious element to the room.

Window Curtains

Kitchen/Dining Room

dining-room-curtainsThe kitchen is hardly an important area for curtains to drape down, especially as they can be particularly hazardous.

The best choice for your kitchen windows would be to go with blinds; there should be nothing substantial as the kitchen requires a lot of light and space, so blinds, such as a Venetian design, which can be flicked open effortlessly, are the best option.

The dining room depends on how big space it is; smaller rooms work better with softer designs and colors, whilst larger spaces can accommodate grander designs, darker curtains, perhaps with a tie-back attaching it to the wall.

Similar to the bedroom, this is a personal space that needs to be customized to your preference, and with a varied range of technology and kit about, it’s likely you’ll want to go for something soft such as plain voile or sheer curtains.

Wooden blinds are also a popular choice as they give the room a formal appeal, but don’t make you feel like you’re stuck in a stuffy office.